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Mazda Motors

Company Description
Mazda Motors is a leading automotive firm.

Business Application
Paint application is a critical area for quality control. Mazda has extensive monitoring and measurement equipment to monitor this critical step. Time is of the essence, and every minute of down time to calibrate the paint line costs thousands of dollars.

InfoRad Solutions Used
InfoRad Watch-IT Serial
InfoRad Watch-IT Serial is installed at the Mazda Plant in Flat Rock, MI. Watch-IT is used to monitor the output of the assembly plant paint line. Bodies that are out of tolerance produce a warning signal from a PLC on the factory floor. The computer receiving this data is running Watch-IT Serial. Watch-IT Serial receives the serial output from the factory equipment and sends a pre-defined message based on the data in the serial stream.

Key Factors in Choosing InfoRad

  • Whole Solution
  • Industry Knowledge/Ability to work with carrier
  • Ability to integrate existing technology
  • On-going support

Mazda was able to achieve significant cost savings by reduced waste from inadequate product coming off the production line. Because Watch-IT Serial integrates into existing applications with little customization and programming, it is easy to install and maintain, reduces the amount of changes, and starts producing ROI quickly.

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