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Orlando Sentinel

Company Description
The Orlando Sentinel is a leading metropolitan newspaper based in Orlando, FL. It is part of the Tribune Company.

Business Application
The Sentinel had relied on manual methods to manage its redelivery and customer service functions. With Autumn rainstorms causing hundreds of wet and late newspapers, these processes were inadequate. With InfoRad Serve-IT™ the Sentinel automatically messages redelivery people in the field. Unique reporting and end-of-shift features help increase the value to the Sentinel.

InfoRad Solutions Used
InfoRad Serve-It
InfoRad Serve-IT interfaces with their GEAC database running on a UNIX platform. Information is exported from the UNIX box to the Serve-IT application for automated messaging.

Key Factors in Choosing InfoRad

  • Whole Solution
  • Scalability
  • Ability to integrate existing technology
  • On-going support

Dispatcher time and customer service time spent trying to reach redelivery people were redeployed into more productive activities.

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