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Coors Brewing

Company Description
Coors is a leading brewer in the U.S. This division is the MIS provider for the logistics function of Coors Brewing.

Business Application
Coors uses RS6000 servers managed by Netview6000 all running the AIX OS. Netview is an extremely powerful management platform, but the console cannot be managed 24 x 7, thus the importance of remotely monitoring alerts and warnings.

Coors chose InfoRad to perform this function due to best in class performance, including the functionality included in Netview.

InfoRad Solutions Used
InfoRad Watch-IT ASCII
InfoRad Watch-IT ASCII is installed at the Coors facility in Golden CO. Watch-IT is used to monitor the output of warnings from the Netview management platform. Netview produces files that are received by Watch-IT from the UNIX system. A Windows computer receiving this data is running Watch-IT ASCII. Watch-IT ASCII takes the file output and sends the actual message based on the data sent in the file.

Key Factors in Choosing InfoRad

  • Whole Solution
  • Industry Knowledge / Ability to work with carrier
  • Ability to integrate existing technology - even on a different OS
  • On-going support

With Watch-IT ASCII, Coors does not need to devote personnel to watch a management console night and day. Also, Netview's direct output can be complicated, and with Watch-IT ASCII alert messages can be programmed to send clear meaning messages to personnel on-site or across the country.

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