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InfoRad Wireless Web is a browser based messaging client that adds additional capability and versatility to your messaging environment while maintaining a high level of control, security and reliability over your enterprise wireless messaging network.  The messaging client is easy to use and provides seamless messaging to all your wireless devices through the proven InfoRad Wireless Enterprise SV-10 or Watch-IT ASCII SV messaging gateway.  Communication with your wireless devices has never been easier and more reliable.

Technically speaking, the InfoRad Wireless Web Client output is monitored by InfoRad Enterprise SV-10 or Watch-IT ASCII SV software for user generated messages.  Upon detection, the message or messages are dispatched to the intended receiver(s).  The InfoRad Enterprise SV or Watch-IT ASCII SV software will send and log all message transactions to the designated carriers including private systems. Outgoing multiple message protocol support: SNPP, WCTP, SMTP, InfoRad Messaging Gateway, and TAP including dial-up modem and direct serial TAP. The InfoRad Wireless Web Client utilizes PHP and  MySQL database. See product documentation for installation requirements.

Note:  The InfoRad Enterprise SV software requires a 10 user or greater client license

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