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Unlimited Receiver Database Built-in database designed with room to grow.
Internet Texting / Paging - InfoRad Messaging Gateway Fast message deliver to your messaging provider using your Internet connection.
Secure Messaging  SSL/TLS (https) Encrypted connection to InfoRad Messaging Gateways (where supported).
Scheduled Messaging (Expanded) Send reminders or preset messages.
Message Log Keep a record of all communications.
Setup Wizards Simplified setup and greater ease of use.
Group Paging (Expanded Groups) Send a message to many people all at once.
Spell Checker Check and correct messages before sending.
Advanced Scheduler Schedule recurring daily, weekly, monthly messages/reminders.
AlphaCare™ Extended Support Services World-class technical support.
InfoRad® Wireless Pro Messenger

InfoRad Wireless Pro Messenger has Wireless Pro feature set but simplifies setup by supporting only the InfoRad Messaging Gateway Messaging Services that provides for a single Messaging Service for all wireless messaging providers - cell phones, pagers, wireless enabled devices. InfoRad Wireless Pro Messenger is a powerful, full-featured messaging platform, including Scheduled Messaging, Installation and Set-up Wizards, and enhanced message logging and recall. InfoRad Wireless Pro Messenger contains all the features of InfoRad Wireless Pro: expanded Groups (up to 500 Receivers per Group), expanded Pre-defined (Preprogrammed) Messages (up to 500), expanded Scheduled Messages (up to 500). InfoRad Wireless Pro Messenger also includes the Spell Checker (check and correct messages before sending) and the Advanced Scheduler - (schedule recurring daily, weekly, monthly messages/reminders).  Secure Messaging via InfoRad Messaging Gateway. AlphaCare™ support services available.

If your needs grow, InfoRad Wireless Pro is upgradeable to the AlphaPage® First Responder and InfoRad  network Enterprise solutions. 

Windows® XP through Windows®10
Windows® Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012 / 2016 / 2019

(32 & 64 bit)

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