Text Messaging to Smart Phones, Alphanumeric Pagers, & AlphaCast® LED Sign Boards

Reliable wireless messaging software solutions.

Provide reliable wireless text messaging to your Smart Phones, Alphanumeric Pagers, and AlphaCast® LED sign boards. Whether you require paging software, an on-site / campus paging system, wireless remote control, or GPS Tracking, InfoRad can assist you at all levels of your system design and implementation.

The InfoRad Wireless Messaging Software Suite includes single computer, network client / server messaging software, enterprise wireless messaging integration, robust wireless monitoring, control, and alarm solutions. The suite of software applications work with all PCS carriers, SMS networks, wireless paging carriers, and on-site / campus systems. InfoRad AlphaCast® on-site / campus systems provide local coverage and complement wide area systems.

Evaluate any of our fully functional software trial products now for 30 days with full support. InfoRad sales and technical support personnel will be pleased to assist you with any of our products and services. After purchase, our AlphaCare™ support plans are also available to extend your technical assistance beyond the initial period and provide software update release protection.

Our customer centric attitude coupled with a keen understanding of both wireless data and IT integration allows InfoRad to maintain a leadership role in the enhancement of wireless messaging technologies.

Join the millions of people today in Healthcare, Public Safety, Homeland Security, Industrial, Enterprise Communications, Application Development, and mobile office workers who have depended on InfoRad’s proven reliability and performance in wireless messaging since 1984.


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InfoRad® v10.4 Release
The InfoRad 'X.4' Suite
of Text Messaging Software 

InfoRad "X.4" Suite of text messaging products range from the entry level InfoRad eText to the powerful full-featured AlphaPage® First Responder, plus Enterprise network Client/Server products and Watch-IT monitoring applications. 

Text Messaging to cell phones supported:
via InfoRad Messaging Gateway (NEW v10.4)

via Enterprise Messaging services
via SMTP Messaging

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Applications Development, and Mobile Customer service markets.InfoRad offers the first commercial implementation of WCTP wireless messaging protocolHealthcare, Public Safety, Industrial, Enterprise Communications

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InfoRad® Emergency Communication Services


TeleRestore is a service that rapidly and intelligently restores incoming phone service due to any outage. Complete control of all incoming phone calls can be accomplished in minutes.

No new hardware, software or change of carriers is required.  TeleRestore also provides many additional emergency communications tools and 7x24 support.  

TeleRestore - We keep you communicating.

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 NEW InfoRad® Wireless Web

InfoRad announces the release of the InfoRad Wireless Web Messaging Client.  The browser-based messaging client adds additional capability and versatility to your messaging environment. The messaging client is easy to use and provides seamless messaging to all your wireless devices through the proven InfoRad Wireless Enterprise SV 10 or Watch-IT ASCII SV messaging gateway.  Communication with your wireless devices has never been easier and more reliable.

For a quick review of the InfoRad® Wireless Web Messaging Client, view the PDF file.

See product documentation for installation requirements

InfoRad® Email-Connect Wireless Gateway

InfoRad® Email-Connect Wireless Gateway is a powerful front end software solution that will process incoming email messages directly through the InfoRad Wireless Enterprise SV-10 or InfoRad Watch-IT ASCII SV messaging software.  Incorporating the Email-Connect™ Wireless Gateway adds additional capability and versatility to your messaging environment while maintaining a high level of control, security and reliability over your enterprise messaging network.

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See product documentation for installation requirements

InfoRad® AlphaCast®
Announcing InfoRad AlphaCast®
Emergency Alerting Systems and Software

AlphaCast Emergenct Alerting Device

Products include InfoRad AlphaCast
as well as the advanced AlphaCast GIS
Emergency Alerting software


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Hardware Products

Wireless LED Signs

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